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Uncaged Review: The Selection by Jason J. Nugent

The Selection
Jason J. Nugent

Humans colonized the planet Kepler 186f after Earth’s near total global collapse. Soon after, supply missions ended leaving the colonists to themselves, renaming the planet Anastasia and building a new society far different than Earth’s.

As population imbalance threatened stability in the settlements, a horrific and brutal institution known as The Selection was created….

Uncaged Review: Every year on a male’s 18th birthday on the planet of Anastasia, The Selection begins a battle that only the strongest males can survive as a way to over rid the high population. Of the male species if the strongest males succeed, they will have a wife pick them.

I got caught up on Eron’s story and the troubles he had along the way to the safe point at victory point.
I rooted for Eron and hoped he survived.
This was a brilliant read and put me mind of another brilliant read, a Japanese favorite called Battle Royal. Only The Selection has not just other people to cope with it has scary beasts.
I finished this in one sitting as I wanted to know what happened straight away. If there is ever a book 2 coming out I can’t wait.
Another book I highly recommended for young adult readers. Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars


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