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Uncaged Review: Eclipse of the Beginning by J.L. Hendricks

Eclipse of the Beginning
J.L. Hendricks

What haunts you more… love… or duty…?

Bound by a secret oath to protect the only hope of fulfillment in an ancient prophecy, Lancer Xaren finds no comfort in knowing his own involvement in the sacred writings. When a new commander arrives in LA, Lancer is forced to play the game of the High Council to protect the secret, but will taking lead of the squad assigned to track a roving group of rippers force him to fail in the one task that is most important?…

Uncaged Review: A good start to a new series – with a lot of potential going into the series. Guardians – from another world, Lancer and Ash are chosen to protect B’Lana, a human that is targeted by the rippers. B’lana has no idea that she’s targeted or that she may have powers of her own. This is a clean young adult urban fantasy, but it does have some violence. This will give you a look at how B’lana came to know the guardians and this world, and sets up nicely for the series. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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