Uncaged Review – Zworksy’s Children by Tom Connelly


Zworsky’s Children
Tom Connelly
SciFi Suspense

Some got the gift; some didn’t. And then there were those who saw it as a threat.The gift was an unexpected side effect of Dr. Zworsky’s now banned vaccine, which was created for a generation of children who developed antibiotic resistance. They were known as the Metachromes: humans who could fly.

Darlene Verity never enjoyed the attention she got as a Meta. But she never thought those who labeled her as inhuman would force her into a protection camp in the California desert. That all changed when an asteroid crashed into the Southwest and set her and the Metas free. But their freedom came with a price. The asteroid’s particles created an unexpected fusion with their gift of flight: they can no longer be in the daylight and are aging faster.

Now Darlene’s only hope is a rogue scientific colony called Project Z who are secretly trying to recreate Zworsky’s vaccine. If they learn his mysterious formula, they will not only save the Metas but humankind itself. Zworsky has been dead for years and all documentation of his vaccine had been wiped from the medical archives. But Darlene has the only surviving document of Zworsky’s that could solve the vaccine’s mystery. With little time, she must reach Project Z before her revenge-driven leader, Kevin Stroder, unleashes his plan to annihilate those responsible for caging the Metas. His first target: Project Z.

4 Stars