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Requested Reviews Information: If you’d like to submit a book to be reviewed here at Uncaged, please use the form on the Review Requests page of this website.

We will try to get most books reviewed in an acceptable timeline, but it’s not guaranteed. If you have a release date you’d like the book review to coincide with, please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Reviews from Uncaged will be posted on Amazon and Goodreads, as well as being in Uncaged Book Reviews magazine. If the book is a top read (4.5 – 5 Stars) it will also be posted to BookBub. If an author wants it posted elsewhere, please contact us. Reviews and the magazine will also be posted to Facebook, X (Twitter) and Goodreads. The magazine will be blasted also through Issuu. If the book also receives a 4 Star review or higher, it will appear on Uncaged’s blog.

If a book gets 4 1/2 Stars or better, it will go up on Bookbub as a recommendation.

We will not be overly critical, bashing of authors/publishers will not be tolerated. But we will stand by our reviews, whether it’s 3 stars or 5 stars.

There is no fee to reviewing books.

We accept hard copy print book (email me for details), epub or PDF formats.

Tier 2 reviews will remain on the lists for 6 months. If they are not chosen by a reviewer in that time frame, they will be removed. An author can re-submit at any time. This does not apply to Tier 1 reviews.

If the book receives a 4 Star review or better, it will be automatically eligible for semi-finals of The Raven Awards. Read more about that here.
Privacy Policy: Uncaged will not share or sell any author or reader emails. Emails are never collected during the Raven Awards voting.

Readers: If you would like to read and review for Uncaged, please email me at [email protected]. At this time, there are no “paid” positions for reviewing, although the book will be supplied from Uncaged.