Raven Awards

Uncaged presents:

The Raven Awards

All books that have been reviewed by, or featured by Uncaged in the past year, July 2020 – June 2021 are eligible, if they received a review of 4 stars or better.*

Winner: $50 Uncaged Gift Card
Runner-up: $20 Uncaged Gift Card

(Both can be used towards advertising with Uncaged Book Reviews)

You do not need to register to vote. Uncaged is not collecting email addresses for this voting. Authors and readers are encouraged to vote. Only one vote per category. Good luck!

*Books need to have received 4 Stars or higher to be eligible.

Although there is some overlap and some of the reviewers from the blogs will review for Uncaged at times, please be aware that the affiliate blogs reviews are not eligible for a Raven Award unless Uncaged reviews it. Also, these reviews are not put up on the website as Top Reads. Also, the same review from one person cannot be used for both. For example, if Jennifer reviews a book for her area in the magazine, that review cannot be used for Uncaged.