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Tier 1 Reviews

Book TitleAuthorGenreDate RequestedKUDate ReadMagazine Issue
Dragonblade PublishingALL AUTHORSHistoricalONGOINGxONGOINGMay/June 2024
The Lady of the Mirrored Lakeparanormal fantasy medieval romance myth retellingJennifer Ivy Walker12/7/22With reviewer
The Strongest HeartHistoricalRegan Walker8/28/23xWith reviewer
SteinarMedieval Historical RomanceMary Morgan1/1/244/9/24May/June 2024
A Fallacious SeductionHistorical, western romanceVIRGINIA BARLOW12/31/23
Once Upon a Christmas CastleHistorical, Holiday romanceVIRGINIA BARLOW12/31/23
The Firebrand's SuccubusParanormal RomanceTM Smith2/20/243/24/24May/June 2024
Gamble of HeartsHistorical RomanceVirginia Barlow6/13/23
Catching RoseWestern HistoricalVirginia Barlow12/23/23with reviewer

Tier 2 Review Requests

Book TitleAuthorGenreDate RequestedKUDate ReadMagazine Issue
Raven's Hollow Spring MagicMagic RomanceTena Stetler5/9/234/5/24May/June 2024
Meringue Snowflake MagicMagic RomanceTena Stetler5/9/234/3/24May/June 2024
A Lady to TreasureLGBTQ+ Historical FictionMarianne Ratcliffe5/19/23
Outcast Artist in Bretagne20th Century Historical RomanceDiane Scott Lewis5/25/234/6/24May/June 2024
A Sour NoteCozy MysteryJill Piscitello6/3/234/3/24May/June 2024
Catawba FallsHard-Boiled MysteriesW.F. Ranew6/5/23with reviewer
BIG CRIMSON 1: There's a New Vampire in TownVampire HorrorF.C. Schaefer6/10/23with reviewer
Don't Wanna Fall In LoveRom-ComLusetta Nelson6/13/23x3/15/24May/June 2024
StonebridgeHistorical Ghost Story RomanceLinda Griffin6/23/23
The Fog Ladies: Date with Deathcozy murder mysterySusan McCormick7/2/23
Trevor's RedemptionRomantic SuspenseAmber Daulton7/7/23
Broken TimeScience FictionSherri Moorer7/10/23
CursebreakersLGBTQ+ Fantasy FictionMadeleine Nakamura7/17/23
A TRYST IN PARISTime Travel RomanceAnne Armistead7/19/23x3/12/24May/June 2024
West of JawsFantasy-RomanceCapes7/24/23
Ramona in the RealmsFantasyAndrew Evans7/24/23x
Cruel LessonsMysteryRandy Overbeck7/24/23
The Viscount's DesireHistorical RomanceMarguerite Lewis7/25/23x4/2/24May/June 2024
The Legend of Rachel PetersenHorror SuspenseJT Baroni7/25/23
EmbersHistorical FictionRobert E. Kearns7/28/23x
OssuaryHistorical FictionRobert E. Kearns7/28/23x
Freedom is For the FewPolitical ThrillerRobert E. Kearns7/28/23x
Till I Bleed No MoreHistorical FictionAlexander Ellis7/29/23
The Goddess of Shipwrecked SailorsHistorical MysteriesSkye Alexander8/18/23
Riptide: Salem Crossing Book OneContemporary RomanceAntonia Church8/20/23
Sandcastles: Salem Crossing Book TwoContemporary RomanceAntonia Church8/20/23
ISTEN KARDJA: The WitheringEpic FantasyFrank Nemeth8/25/23
Zworsky's ChildrenSciFi SuspenseTom Connelly9/11/23x3/2/24May/June 2024
Autumn DeceptionContemporary RomanceN. Jade Gray9/13/23
WERECATS EMERGENTShifter ThrillersMark Engels9/18/23x
From Brick & DarknessYA FantasyJ. L. Sullivan9/19/23
UnexpectedContemporary RomanceLaylah Abrams9/19/23
SnakebitSuspensedoug olander9/20/23x
Lost Little Girl: A Jackson Gamble NovelMysteryGregory Stout9/26/23
Son of BabylonHistorical FictionDaniel Pugsley9/30/23x
Christmas at Crazy Woman CreekContemporary RomanceRyan Jo Summers10/15/23
The Ishtar IgnitionScience Fiction EroticaTimothy Black10/20/23
Judgment of BloodSteampunk Science FictionTimothy Black10/20/23
SurrenderErotic ThrillersAnisa Larkwood10/30/23
Darkness ForbiddenVampire SuspenseJ M Rankin11/3/23
The Viking WandererRomance/FantasySamara Knight11/9/23x
Cruel LessonsSuspense/ThrillerRandy Overbeck7/23/23
The Legend of Rachel PetersenOccult SuspenseJ.T. Baroni7/25/23
The Duke of Drury LaneHistorical RomanceTammy Andresen7/28/23
Viscount of VillainyScarlett ScottScarlett Scott7/28/23
Till I Bleed No MoreHistorical FictionAlexander Ellis7/29/23
Claiming the Chess MistressHistorical RomanceAndrea K Stein and Louisa Cornell8/11/23
The Beast of Blackthorne CastleHistorical RomanceDK Quinn8/16/23x
CursebreakersLGBTQ+ FantasyMadeleine Nakamura8/17/23
Petteril's ThiefHistorical MysteryMary Lancaster8/18/23
Sandcastlescontemporary romanceAntonia Church8/20/23
Riptidecontemporary romanceAntonia Church8/20/23
Isten Kardja: The WitheringYA FantasyFrank Nemeth8/23/23
The Beast I Wished ForHistorical RomanceKatherine Ann Madison8/29/23
The Baron to BreakHistorical RomanceTammy Andresen9/15/23
Petteril's CorpseHistorical MysteryMary Lancaster9/15/23
Her Wicked RogueHistorical RomanceScarlett Scott9/15/23x
Unexpectedcontemporary romanceLaylah Abrams9/19/23
Son of BabylonHistorical Middle Eastern FictionDaniel Pugsley9/30/23x
A Deal With a DukeHistorical RomanceTammy Andresen10/13/23
Big Demon Energyurban fantasyDeborah Wilde10/13/23
Dead GirlYA FantasyKerrie Faye10/23/23with reviewer
Tutoring the BooksellerHistorical RomanceAndrea K Stein and Louisa Cornell10/24/23
SurrenderErotic ThrillersAnisa Larkwood10/30/23x
Darkness ForbiddenVampire SuspenseJ M Rankin11/3/23
Fox TaleParanormal RomanceKaren Hulene Bartell11/13/23 ARC
Kissing KinParanormal RomanceKaren Hulene Bartell11/13/23ARC
Forever Her DukeHistorical RomanceScarlett Scott11/15/23
A Masquerade With a MarquessHistorical RomanceTammy Andresen12/8/23
Grandma's MiraclesParanormalFred Gellman12/11/23x
How Does She KnowSupernatural ThrillersDiane M Sylvester12/18/23
Dominating the DukeHistorical RomanceAndrea K Stein and Louisa Cornell12/29/23
Back to Youcontemporary romanceRichard Plourde1/2/24
Undone by a LadyRegency romanceElizabeth Rue1/5/24x
Daughter of SherwoodDark Fantasy RomanceKC Kingmaker1/9/24x
A Not So Bollywood Meet CuteContemporary Multicultural RomanceMiya Malai1/13/24x
FoxholesSuspense/ThrillerTravis Tougaw1/26/24x
How to Love a Dangerous RogueHistorical RomanceScarlett Scott1/4/24
The Viscount to AvoidHistorical RomanceTammy Andresen1/11/24
Forever Her MarquessHistorical RomanceScarlett Scott1/19/24
Pride of ArmsHistorical RomanceAndrea K Stein and Louisa Cornell1/29/24
The Machine Murders: Desert BalloonsSuspense/ThrillerCJ Abazis1/23/24x
The Warden and the Clock TowerParanormal SuspenseSteve Conoboy2/8/241st 2 books on KU
Lord Ashley's Beautiful AlibiHistorical RomanceCerise DeLand3/5/24ARCwith reviewer
The Wallflower's Midnight WaltzHistorical RomanceCollette Cameron3/5/24ARCwith reviewer