Uncaged Review – Psycho Therapy by Ryan Hyatt


Psycho Therapy
Ryan Hyatt
SciFi Short/Dystopian

Tucson Police Officer James McCabe, traumatized by his past, must come to terms with an alien invasion.

Uncaged Review: It’s hard to write a review for a
very short story, but even though this is a very short
story, I actually got a decent handle on the characters
and the world. Aliens are in the form of a type
of killer doglike beast and instead of killing all of
the aliens when they could, the government captures
and experiments with them. How is that ever a good
thing? So this is a couple days in the life of one cop,
who was traumatized during the invasion as he was
enlisted as a marine in San Diego during the initial

Overall, the author does a great job with 27 pages,
pulls the reader in and leaves us wanting to read more
in this world. Great job. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars