Uncaged Review – A Dream of Shadows by Peter Eliott


A Dream of Shadows
Peter Eliott
Dark Dystopian Fantasy

Vazeer the Lash has spent his entire adulthood on the verge of peril while operating as a criminal in the violent metropolis of Hell’s Labyrinth. Vazeer, intelligent and poised, longs to leave the life of smuggling that betrays his cultured personality.

His chance comes when he is commissioned to overthrow The Raving Blade, one of the most notorious and cruel power brokers in Hell’s Labyrinth. Vazeer joins a rogue’s gallery of accomplished Shadow Bidders, each a master of distinct and nefarious skills. Among them are an ex-pirate, whose enormous size and skill with weapons make him a veritable one-man army, a brilliant actress who finds herself playing a key role in a criminal world where she doesn’t belong, and a calm, mysterious assassin who draws events ever forward towards a series of increasingly dire consequences.

Vazeer has 48 hours of mortal danger and sadistic enemies standing between him and freedom… but good and evil are not as straightforward as they seem.

4 Stars