Uncaged Review – Courting Fire by Tamara Hughes


Courting Fire
Tamara Hughes
Historical Romance

A stubborn suffragist …
Boston suffragist, Mattie Duncan is a willful, independent woman whose heart has always belonged to Jack Taylor, a local firefighter. Challenging nineteenth-century conventions, she finds a way to join Jack’s fire station. Not only can she make a difference saving lives, she can spend time with Jack, who is tasked with training her.

The firefighter who resists her …
Jack has always been attracted to Mattie, but he doesn’t see a future with her. In Jack’s mind, she will always be tied to his late brother, who had loved her desperately. To make matters worse, Jack is also still racked with guilt over not being able to prevent his brother’s death.

And the murder mystery that will bring them together …
Mattie overhears a conversation suggesting his brother was murdered. As Jack and Mattie work together to uncover the truth, their passions ignite. But even if Jack’s guilt is absolved, can he overcome the sense of betrayal toward his brother that’s keeping them apart?

4 Stars