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Uncaged Review – Camping on Other Planets by Clark Nielsen

Camping on Other Planets
Clark Nielsen

What was supposed to be a fun weekend camping trip turns into a dangerous hike across another planet when three teenage boys are abducted from Earth. Their only hope of ever returning home is to escape from the laboratory that captured them and make their way across the alien deserts, oceans, and mountains. But while their journey is full of monsters all eager to attack the boys, it is their friendship and religious beliefs that are ultimately pushed to their limits.

Uncaged Review: A camping trip where some friends are having a little fun. Turns out to be more than they bargained for. As a bright light beams from the sky over the camping ground it swallows them up, taking them to an alien laboratory where them and some other unlucky creatures are being held prisoners. Joining forces, they try to escape.

I loved the friendship between these boys no matter how bad things got. Or how much they fought they were still there for each other. Really enjoyed the storytelling it was full of humor but also had its serious points as well. It doesn’t hold back on the action. A perfect read for young adults who are looking to get in to reading, I would recommended this as I’m sure it will hold their attention.
Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars


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