Ink Stains, Vol. 3
Horror Shorts

The past has a horrible habit of haunting us all.

Sometimes it surfaces in regret and a lifetime of what ifs. Sometimes, it is horrors made real in other-worldly beings hell-bent on revenge for wrong-doings.

Join authors Diane Arrelle, Marc E. Fitch, Andrea Hansell, Ann Liska, Derek Muk, Olga Munroe, Clint Orr, Terry Sanville, Kristi Petersen Schoonover, and K.W. Taylor as they explore the darkest deeds that keep us up at night, the past that cannot be undone, and the heavy chains these ghosts trap us in. This collection of literary tales gives life to ghosts, both real and imaginary, and all the sins of the past that haunt us in the present.

From grieving, betrayed lovers to guilt-born demons, those that haunt the characters in these stories crafted by our authors bring pain, heartache, stunning revelations, and a stark reminder that the past will never die.

Uncaged Review: This is a collection of different stories by authors. Some of you may know others may not. One of these stories stayed with me a long time. It is one I’d like to share with you it’s called Misplaced by Diane Arrelle.

Annemarie spent half of her life living in a institution after she hears of her mother death. She begins to move on with her life and is trying to live a quiet life. Until she gets a phone call out of the blue from a young girl claiming to be her daughter. She goes to stay in a hotel all arranged by her daughter who’s desperate to meet her. But Annemarie doesn’t have her mother around anymore to try and help her claim her missing memories anymore. When Annemarie checks into the hotel room. She realizes it isn’t as peaceful and quiet as she hopes. It’s filled with disturbing visions of blood a baby who won’t stop crying. Annemarie believes she’s slowly losing her mind once again.

This one story has loads of twists and turns and is worth buying. To read this one story itself. The others have a few moments you won’t see coming. Read with your night light on sweet dreams everyone. A perfect read for horror or dark humor fans. Reviewed by Jennifer

4 Stars