Uncaged Review – The Daughter of Ice by Luis Facao de Magalhaes


The Daughter of Ice
Luis Facao de Magalhaes
Epic Fantasy

When an ancient goddess rises from a thousand-year slumber, an old knight and a band of adventurers are all that stand between the lands of Elessia and icy doom.

In the cold frontier towns of the North, the aging knight Eregar longs for one final adventure, one last chance to test himself against sword and sorcery.

He may yet regret his wish.

Unbeknownst to him, a dark sorceress rises in the east, claiming the mantle of the goddess he once served. Wielding power over frost and death, she intends to wage war on the living and reclaim her divine throne.

Yet her undead army will meet a bulwark it doesn’t expect.

Skilled in alchemy, stealth, and blade, a group of mercenaries stands in their way. These men and women, sons and daughters of The North, will be forged into the heroes they need to become by one of the greatest champions of their era…

Eregar the Roseslayer, the man who once killed a goddess.

4 Stars