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Uncaged Review – For Her Sister by Lara Sleath

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For Her Sister
Lara Sleath
Young Adult/Thriller

Eighteen-year-old Bresha blames herself for her younger sister’s death. She knew that Arlene was gullible and fragile. Yet she still let her tone-deaf sister meet with Saul Sanderstorm, a record company mogul whose charisma is as big as his temper. When Arlene is found floating in Camden Lock canal, the police call it suicide. But Bresha knows different. She knows that sleazy Saul is somehow to blame. And so does Arlene’s ghost. Why else would she fog up mirrors and trace the letter S for Saul through the condensation on the glass? Now, Bresha has to find a way to prove that Saul’s guilty. When Bresha discovers that Saul is getting a kick out of mentally breaking singers, she wonders if this happened to Arlene. The truth has to be ugly and shocking. Because why else would Saul be prepared to do anything to conceal it? Bresha faces a choice. Risk her life to unearth the facts. Or drop the case and be forever tormented by her sister’s ghost.

Uncaged Review: Bresha always look after her sister Arlene as their parents are always traveling for work. Nannies are always getting fired. So it comes as no surprise that Arlene would look to Bresha her big sister. As her go to person one little lie that Bresha tells Arlene to save her from a lot of hurt and looking foolish. Leads to deadly problems and tragedy and finds Bresha hatching a plan of vengeance.

I found this well written and the story quite interesting and Lara Sleath describes London life as a gritty place to live. A storyline set in a modern world still relevant in today’s lifestyle. The book leaves us with a clear message that people are never as nice as they seem.

A young adult psychological thriller with a creepy horror twist. I can see good things for this writer.
Reviewed by Jennifer


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