Uncaged Review – Only in Darkness by Brenda Stanley


Only in Darkness
Brenda Stanley
Paranormal Suspense

Based on ancient Mayan mythology comes a story of bloodlust, love and the horrors of coming of age.

In ancient Central America, the legend of the Camazotz: large, bat-like creatures that desire blood and terrorize the villages in search of prey. When the volcano, Masaya, erupts and kills the tribe from which the Camazotz are from, they discover a miracle ash in the ruins.

Years later in present-day eastern Idaho, 17-year-old Emilio Chavez lives in an isolated area near the lava rock cliffs of the American Falls reservoir. From birth, he has been different. After Emilio’s friend Clara falls victim to a terrible accident, suspicions about Emilio arise, and he discovers an astonishing secret about his past.

As a sinister force tightens its grip on Clara, can Milo save her from those searching for blood while keeping his own internal demons at bay?

Uncaged Review: A new take on a coming of age book and not your typical vampire book these days. This book is geared more toward the horror side of vampires, instead of the romanticized version we read so much of these days. The author does a great job building up the history and it’s intriguing, creepy and suspenseful at the same time. This book is the first I’ve read from this author, and I’m quite happy I did. I finished this book in one day, because it truly grabs a hold of the reader and is well researched and written.

I would definitely pick up more titles from this author and is a perfect creepy addition to your scary reads. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars