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Uncaged Review – I Don’t Want to be Married by Sonja Gunter

I Don’t Want to be Married
Sonja Gunter
Contemporary Western Romance

Can a modern-day marriage of convenience find love and happiness to last a lifetime?

Twenty-five-year-old barrel racer Rosalind Dunne’s number-one passion is to fulfill her deceased mother’s dream of opening a horse sanctuary. To do it, she needs her inheritance to purchase the necessary land. But there’s one problem: she has to marry, or wait until her thirtieth birthday, per her grandfather’s will. The horses can’t wait; they need her now.

Allan Smith, owner of a New York brokerage firm, is in the midst of attending a friend’s wedding in Las Vegas when he wakes one morning with a wedding band on his finger. Convinced it’s all a prank, he ignores the obvious until he realizes his carefree bachelor days are over. He’s married to one Rosalind Dunne, Rodeo Queen.

Rosalind’s plan to marry, get her inheritance, then divorce, comes full circle and she sends the necessary papers to Allan. They’ll both be free from an unwanted marriage. But the old saying ‘payback is worse than hell’ comes into play with Allan’s refusal to sign the papers.

Rosalind and Allan never wanted to fall in love for different reasons, but will this Rodeo Queen turn this City Boy into a cowboy and find love?

Uncaged Review: To receive her full inheritance, Rosalind must marry, or wait until she’s 30 years old. And her reasons for wanting the inheritance are unselfish, to be able to buy the land next to her own property, to be able to have a horse sanctuary for unwanted or sick horses. While she’s in Vegas at a rodeo, she runs into Allan, and while he’s seemingly drunk, marries him out of convenience. But when Allan comes knocking on her door, she’ll find he’s not so easy to be rid of.

This is a fun story, a bit predictable, but an easy read and enjoyable. The romance and chemistry between Rosalind and Allan is fun to watch. Don’t be put off by the title, this is a nice read. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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