Uncaged Review – Rebirth of Ruby’s Ranch by Rhonda Frankhouser


Rebirth of Ruby’s Ranch
Rhonda Frankhouser
Ghost Paranormal Romance

After centuries of mystery and torment, Emma is chosen to fulfill the family legacy. When she’s called home to Ruby’s Ranch to care for her ailing mother, she’s torn between an undeniable romantic connection and a spiritual journey that requires heartbreaking sacrifice.

Matthew is a combo of charisma, confidence and honeyed heat. No longer the shy, gawky kid who sneaked hopeful glances, he’s a full-grown, passionate man determined to win Emma’s affections. When destiny deals her an unthinkable ultimatum, Matthew stands between her and the spiritual forces threatening to whisk her away.

Shona’s otherworldly presence vibrates with comfort and light when Emma finds him chanting over her mother’s sick bed. His healing energy instantly draws her in, encouraging her to accept her fate and leave her family and friends behind.

Will Emma relinquish her destiny to stay with her dedicated cowboy or be drawn into a new world by her mystical visitor?

5 Stars