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Uncaged Review – Perfect Secret by Molly McLain

Perfect Secret
Molly McLain
Western Contemporary Romance

She’ll never touch another cowboy again. Even if he does look good in nothing but a towel.

Alana Faulkner swore off cowboys four years ago when her then-boyfriend let his rodeo fame go to his head.

Holden McMurray’s life has been turned upside down by a scandal. Though he’s innocent of any wrongdoing, his boss and his agent have not only sidelined him, but they’ve sent him to the middle of nowhere, Montana, until the dust settles.

Worse, his new neighbor is a spitfire brunette with a bigger grudge than the last bull he rode. But she’s as pretty as she is sassy, and damn if he can’t leave well enough alone.

It’s a bad idea on every count, but mostly because…

She has no idea who he really is.

Uncaged Review: This is a series that is running that
has different authors joining in and is about 30 books
at the time of this review. This one is the 12th in the
series, but I had no problems following along, so they
read well as standalones. This story is about Alana,
who has sworn off of cowboys since she was hurt
by a bull rider. She buries herself in work and taking
classes online to finish her degree. She lives above
the store she manages, in a small one bedroom apartment.

Holden comes to town to work on a friend’s ranch
to let some drama blow over, because the cabins on
his friend’s land are being renovated, he gets to stay
in the small room across the hall from Alana’s apartment.
Watch out when they have to share a bathroom.

This is a slow burn romance, and a wonderful light
read. Holden is a sexy cowboy and Alana is a spunky,
sassy woman that keeps him in his place. With great
secondary characters, this book was a fun read that
was easily read in one sitting. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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