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Uncaged Review – The Dragon Berserker’s Mate by Harlow Blaze

The Dragon Berserker’s Mate
Harlow Blaze
Paranormal Romance

For a woman with nothing, protection comes at a price.


After losing her home and everything she knows, Hazel has one way out. A deal with the local dragon shifters.

As a rare human able to have shifter children, she’s treasured among the male dragons. And like anything precious, she needs to be protected.

The live-in bodyguard is a little much, though.

Her new roommate, tattooed, grumpy Jay, is immune to her upbeat attitude. And his blackout rages whenever men touch her mean that she’s behaving herself whether she likes it or not.

When she goes into heat, all she wants is him. But no matter how badly she craves his touch, their electric connection is forbidden.

The dragons have another fate planned for her. A different mate.

Because treasure can be traded.


Forging an alliance with a rival gang costs more than silver and gold.

They want Hazel.

Jay has committed a lot of sins to defend his makeshift family. Handing his chirpy charge to the worst dragons alive should be easy.

But the longer Hazel is in his apartment, the harder she is to let go. Everything from her sweet scent to her gentle nature calls to his berserk inner beast—a monster who’d burn the world to the ground to protect her.

When a mysterious attack puts Hazel in danger, the dragon she’s meant for is the prime suspect.

But it’s much too late to back out of the deal. Stealing from a dragon means war.

To save her, he’ll pay the ultimate price.

Unleashing the monster inside him and letting the rage take over.

Uncaged Review: The third book in this series (if
you count the prequel) and the series is still coming
up with surprises. Jay has locked his dragon away,
and won’t shift because of all the carnage he fears
from his beast. Because of this, his sanity is on the
line. Hazel is escaping an abusive stepfather, with the
help of her witch friend. When it’s found out that she
is dragon marked, she agrees on an arranged marriage
with leader of a different eyrie, in exchange of
her providing dragon heirs, she would be given a safe
home and her debts paid off. But she doesn’t count on

This book has some good action, a few good twists
and of course, romance. Seeing if Hazel and Jay can
find their way to each other is a fun ride, especially
after Jay is assigned as her guardian. For the dragon
shifter lovers out there, this is a good series and never
loses its momentum. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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