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Uncaged Reviews – 3 Books by Paul Moore

All Top Reads for March.

Cat Got Your Tongue
Paul Moore
Young Adult/Crime

When Estate agent Lucy Edwards doesn’t turn up for work on Monday it’s very out of character; shes a workaholic but her colleagues assume she is ill as she lives alone. When she doesn’t answer her phone red flags soon go up and the Police get involved.
It’s soon a murder investigation; but just who would want to kill a hard working beautiful woman with a heart of gold?
Can a six year old girls ‘dreams’ help solve the case?
Some of the Police team that investigate her disappearance wanted to play professional football and all had trials with Queens Park Rangers, but for some reason it just didn’t happen.
Can the likes of DCI Sinton, DC Bardsley and PC Alan McDonald solve the baffling case or is someone going to get away with murder………

Uncaged Review: An estate agent named Lucy Edwards is missing from work for a few days. So a work friend, Mark Cooper reports her missing to the police. Just being a friend right nothing more to it? Then we meet Phoebe a little girl who is having strange visions that scare her. Will she be able to help out the police with their case?

This story had a lot of interesting characters and for a short book a lot happens. There are people getting beat up and thrown in a cell left right and center. I really like how the author of the book choose a young girl as a medium, or is turning out to become one. A very interesting story twist.

This is a work of crime fiction you won’t want to miss out on reading Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars

Killing Time
Paul Moore
Young Adult Mystery

At first it looked like a tragic accident but soon turned to murder. Who would want to kill a sixty eight year old grandmother? Her family are disjointed and arguments are as regular as meal times. A brother and sister that rarely see eye to eye and a father and son barely on speaking terms.
The Police have a secret weapon with an amateur psychic; but she isn’t always right.
Will the Hunter family fall apart or will it pull them together or are they just Killing Time ……

Uncaged Review: What turns out to be a normal trip to grandmother’s house in London, turns out to have deadly findings for the visitors. As the grandchild Clare finds her grandmother in an awkward position at the bottom of the stairs. Shelia and her brother Michael think their mother’s death was just a tragic accident, until their told by the police it’s murder.

Paul Moore has a talent in his storytelling as he brings out the characters in a way that shows you the good and bad side to them. So you think one thing is happening in the book then it turns out to be completely different.

I really liked this book as even the poor murder victim had her own secrets hidden to the unexpected family. As did everyone so it wasn’t just a black and white picture it had a lot of hidden grey in between. A killer of a read. Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars

Don’t Clown Around on Halloween
Paul Moore
Young Adult/Ghosts

Grant Taylor is at his wits end, he’s convinced he seeing a clown in his house but his girlfriend isn’t, she thinks he’s losing the plot! When their son draws a picture of the clown she starts to change her mind and a story from an elderly neighbour leaves everyone in danger.


Uncaged Review: Grant thinks his house might be haunted. He has been seeing a weird ghostly shape in the shape of a clown. Is he having a breakdown? Possibly imagining all this. Until one day he bumps into a neighbor Mr. Abbott and he tells Grant and company all about the strange happenings of the house they live in. Grant does some digging on the ‘net himself to find more about where the house was built.

For such a short story this is a very creepy tale. Differently one to be read with the lights on. There’s also a good twist at the end of the story. Suitable for any age young or old. Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars


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