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Uncaged Review: Unbranded by Linda Bradley

Linda Bradley
Western Romance

Threatened by the unexpected, a devoted rancher refuses to compromise her ambition or her legacy.

CHLOE MCINTYRE is determined to become the co-CEO of her grandfather’s Montana ranch, but her father isn’t ready to become partners—yet.

Jaded memories of her parents’ shotgun wedding gone wrong cloud her attraction for best friend Matt Cooper when she discovers she’s pregnant—with his baby. Chloe believes raising a child isn’t in her genes, and she doesn’t expect a marriage proposal. She keeps her condition a secret to hold her position on the ranch and continue what she does best: wrangling strays and working alongside hired hands.

After her father announces his first choice for co-CEO, a wild ride jeopardizes the pregnancy, and Chloe questions life choices. Will the cowgirl grit she has inherited from her grandmother be enough to rein in her disappointment, or will she walk away from everything that could flourish into love?

Uncaged Review: This book is the start of a spinoff
series from the Montana Bound series and picks
up with Chloe now an adult and an integral part of
the ranch working as ranch hand right alongside the
wranglers. The first chapter throws a curve ball right
away when Chloe finds out she’s pregnant. Trying to
keep it a secret long enough to get the coveted role of
co-CEO to her father for the ranch.

There were a lot of times that I didn’t like Chloe
much. She was a bit overly independent and wants
a say in everything, is quite bossy and at times a bit
rude. She was very immature and stubborn, and not
always in a good way. I did see growth from her by
the end, and she finally was someone I enjoyed reading
about. As a lifetime horse owner and rider, there
was one thing that was a bit off for me, like being in
a saddle and wrapping her hand in the mane before
going faster, something that I have never done unless
riding bareback and even then very seldom. Riding a
horse is primarily moving with balance and legs.

This ended on a good note, but I can also tell it’s not
the end of Chloe’s story, and it will be fun to read
more of her journey. You can start out reading this
book without reading the previous series, but if you
want to get the full experience of these characters,
start with Maggie’s Way. Reviewed by Cyrene

4.5 Stars


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