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Uncaged Review: Her Undercover Cowboy by Kathleen Lawless

Her Undercover Cowboy
Kathleen Lawless
Western Romance

Mixing business and pleasure never felt so good.

As long as Montana doesn’t find out why Steele is really at her ranch, and who hired him to be there, he can make himself indispensable to the beautiful widow and her expansion plans. 

Montana’s ambitions for her property don’t include letting her new know-it-all foreman, Steele, take the reins, even though he looks mighty capable of showing her how blissful it can be to surrender control—in and out of the bedroom. 

When her investment is threatened, Montana stands to lose everything she’s worked for, leading to the truth about why Steele is really there.  

How can he convince her he’s truly on her side and that the heat between them is more than a diversion?

Uncaged Review: This western romance jumps
pretty quickly into some steamy sex scenes, and I
know that is not in the blurb, so be warned if that’s
not your thing.

Montana is ambitious, in that she wants to get her
Black Creek Resort and Spa to be up and running
alongside the Black Creek Ranch. Montana’s ex
mother-in-law fires the latest ranch manager, and
hires Steele Hardt, unknown to Montana, he is working
undercover for the investors as Montana is already
over budget on her extravagant spa. But the
two’s chemistry is off the charts and they will have to
navigate all the hidden truths to make anything work
between them and get the resort up and running.

I thought this was a good read, with enough intrigue
to keep it moving along and I definitely would enjoy
more from this author. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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