Uncaged Review: Lady Lilias and the Devil in Plaid by Julie Johnstone

Lady Lilias and the Devil in PlaidJulie JohnstoneHistorical Regency Free-spirited Lilias Honeyfield has a secret. She’s certain the rich and powerful Duke of Greybourne is meant to be hers....

Uncaged Review – A Charlie Browne Christmas by Laurie Baxter

A Charlie Browne Christmas Laurie Baxter Contemporary Romance/Holiday Ming loves Christmas and the movies and today she's treating herself to a little of both. Too bad the blockhead...

Uncaged Book Reviews – April 2019, Issue 33 now LIVE

Check out the latest issue of Uncaged Book Reviews! Feature authors: Genevieve Jack, A.L. Long, Anna Hague, J.H. Brown, Ginny Sterling, L.M. Spangler, John Hunt, Elle Lewis, Hope Malory...

Feature Author – Kathryn Knight

Uncaged welcomes Kathryn Knight Uncaged: Your latest book, The Haunting of Hillwood Farm, is another ghostly tale from you, can you tell readers about the book?

Total Scam Website – That’s Great News

An author friend sent me to a website that is abusing and scamming people for money and using Uncaged Book Reviews to do it. Here is the website https://thatsgreatnews.com/Plaque-6506060725?utm_campaign=Stage2Followup&utm_medium=email&utm_source=MailWizz

Uncaged Review – Seductive Secrets by Elizabeth Rose

Seductive Secrets Elizabeth Rose Medieval Historical The Lady:.Lady Willow Douglas holds the power of persuasion and can charm men with her appearance as well as her words. But when...

Uncaged Review – The Scandalous Inheritance by Nancy Smith Gibson

The Scandalous Inheritance Nancy Smith Gibson Historical Romance/20th Century It’s 1919 and the Great War is over. Soldiers are returning home and want their jobs back. When Alise is...

Uncaged Book Reviews – December 2017 Issue Now Available

Uncaged Book Reviews, December 2017 Featuring authors: Katharina Gerlach, Char Chaffin, Becky McGraw, Cherry Christensen, Madelyn Hill, Shanna Hatfield, Patricia Bond, Patricia Eddy and Tawdra Kandle!

Uncaged Book Reviews – January 2018 Issue 18 Now Available

Featuring authors: Regan Walker, Emma Prince, Maria Riegger, Margo Ryerkerk, Rena Marin, Stephen Bentley and S.J. Francis. Special Guest - The Photography of Paul Henry Serres Click the magazine to read!