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Uncaged Review: The Debutante and the Duke by Collette Cameron

The Debutante and the Duke
Collette Cameron
Victorian Historical Romance

All she wants is her freedom. All he wants is her…

Rayne Wellbrook shouldn’t be living in a luxurious London manor. She shouldn’t be the step-niece to a powerful duke, either. And she most certainly shouldn’t be sneaking into the neighbor’s gardens—even if the house is unoccupied. Or so she thinks until a rakishly handsome Scot startles her one morning. Though she’s wary of men and even leerier of nobles, this man with his too-long hair and piercing blue-green eyes sends her heart to frolicking. When he insists on an introduction, Rayne flees but can’t get the enigmatic new neighbor out of her thoughts.��

Fletcher McQuinton, Duke of Kincade, is only in London long enough to put the finishing touches on his new business ventures, and then he intends to head straight back to Scotland. His meddling English mother has other plans, however—namely finding him an appropriate blue-blooded wife to become the next duchess. Fletcher has vowed to never take an English aristocrat as a wife, but when he comes upon a delightfully intriguing woman climbing his garden wall, he begins to reconsider his reluctance.

Uncaged Review: The characters of Rayne and Fletcher are opposites, her – a young lady from society, and him, a duke who is half English and half Scottish and has vowed to return to Scotland once his business in England is complete, but when he sees a young lady climbing over the fence in the garden to the home he is renting, many plans start to go amiss.

This author always has a fun way of introducing characters to each other. This was a nice quick read that is fun to watch the romance. This is a sweet romance and although it had a few holes here and there, this author is always consistent for me to be a nice read. One thing I can say, is normally I love epilogues, but this one, not as much as usual – I think it had too large of a time jump for me, but overall, I can count on this author’s works to brighten my day.
Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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