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Uncaged Review: The Contest by Nora Katzir

The Contest
Nora Katzir
Women Sleuths/Mystery

Rachel’s husband is a cheater, and her friends have the perfect solution: kill John without getting caught.
They were referring to a hypothetical contest, of course. It wouldn’t necessarily solve Rachel’s problem, but it might ease her pain.
Entries to the contest, start pouring in from friends, customers at their favorite eatery and complete strangers.
When John dies in a suspicious car accident, the police investigate the wife, the mistress, and a rival for yet another lover.
One of the three is arrested for the crime, but did the police get it wrong?

Uncaged Review: I’m not a huge mystery reader, but this book is a light-hearted mystery that was fun to read. Rachel’s husband is caught cheating on her, and to cheer herself up, her and her friends start a contest on the most creative way to kill John. The contest grows rapidly and soon they are swamped with entries. And then John dies in a car accident. Whoops.

The friendship between the women is a refreshing touch, and the mystery was fun and I didn’t guess this one as I usually do with murder mysteries. The contest idea was unique, and it kept me reading to see if the contest “caused the death of John” or if it was truly an accident. A fun mystery with some light-hearted moments.

4 Stars


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