Lady Lilias and the Devil in Plaid
Julie Johnstone
Historical Regency

Free-spirited Lilias Honeyfield has a secret. She’s certain the rich and powerful Duke of Greybourne is meant to be hers. He just needs to reappear in her life and stop denying his love for her before she’s forced to wed another. Though it’s been seven years, she has never forgotten the beautiful but tormented man hiding behind the mask of moody boy, nor does she believe she imagined the searing passion between them. But the day Nash Steele finally reappears in Town, the rogue destroys her hope by claiming he never returned her affection.

Nash Steele is haunted by his mistakes and the memories of the impetuous, headstrong beauty who breached his heart and soothed his soul years ago. But innocent Lilias was never meant to be his. And if he ever doubts it, he reminds himself of the tragic accident he caused soon after they met. His life is now, and will always be, one of penance. Unable to have the one woman he wants, the easiest thing to do is to flee. So when duty eventually forces him home, he intends to keep his distance from the ravishing creature. Yet when danger threatens her, he cannot sit by and allow her to be harmed. Every moment in her presence is sweet torture, and soon the need he has kept caged for years refuses to be contained any longer.

Swept together by burning desire but ensnared in a tangle of secrets and guilt, Lilias and Nash must fight to turn tragedy into triumph and the past that threatens to destroy them into the very thing that heals their hearts.

Uncaged Review: Lilias and Nash, along with Owen, all met as kids and all became inseparable. Even though Nash loved Lilias, he never believed he was good enough for her and carried the guilt of his brother with him. To stay near her, he taught the younger, inept boy, Owen – how to swim, ride and fish. Those summers were some of the best years of their lives and the first 20% of the book gives you the background of these three friends. Nash disappears after Owen has a riding accident, taking on more guilt that he needs to and going by what Owen wishes, since Owen is also in love with Lilias and doesn’t feel he has a chance with her with Nash around. Fast forward seven years, and things are looking dire for Lilias and her family. Broke, and creditors harassing them, will Lilias agree to marry to help her family, even though her heart has always belonged to Nash?

When Nash returns, he vows to stay away from Lilias, but when Lilias is in danger, he’ll risk his own life to save her, even though it almost kills him to be near. With the ladies in their mission against rogues, Lilias may take one chance too many. This is another great addition to this series, and the characters from book one are back in strong supporting roles. This one will make you want to reach into the pages and hug the characters. This is a fun and steamy regency, and the next book that comes out in February, is about one of my favorite characters in these books, Lord Kilgore. Can’t wait. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars