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Uncaged Review: The Cowboy Takes a Bride by Kristi Rose

The Cowboy Takes a Bride
Kristi Rose
Contemporary Western Romance

To keep his ranch he’ll need a wife. To escape her father she’ll need a protector. Love will only complicate their marriage of convenience.

She’s on the run…

A tyrannical father. A life she hates and doesn’t control. Freedom for socialite Meredith Hanover is not a luxury she has. When given an opportunity to become a modern-day mail-order bride to a rancher in rural Wyoming, she realizes this might be her only opportunity at a fresh start.

He’s determined to stay…

Jace Shepard’s dying father gave him two options: get married and take over the ranch or be cut out of the will. But life on the ranch is hard and isolating, something the previous women of his life couldn’t hack. With no other solution, he strikes a deal with a professional matchmaker for a temporary bride.

The plan is foolproof. A bargain struck. Everyone wins in this ruse of fake love. Yet, if they’re both pretending why does it feel so real?

 Is Meredith ready to gamble away the freedom she’s always wanted and give her heart to the family-oriented rancher? Jace knows it’s only a matter of time before Meredith tires of ranching’s hard lifestyle and trades him in for her old-cushy life. Why should he trust his heart to her?

Uncaged Review: This is a nice read – Meredith needs to get away from her jerk of a father and his cronies and gets the opportunity to become a mail-order bride from a professional matchmaker. She’s paired with Jace, who will lose his ranch if he doesn’t get married. Perfect arrangement for both, right? Well…

Not everything is easy, and the author does a beautiful job describing Wyoming and makes everyone who loves nature want to move there and the premise of this book is fun. When the two start to have real feelings for each other, the reader can get even more invested. I do know the ranch life personally, and it’s not a lifestyle that a city socialite would take to very easily, so that part was a bit fantastical that Meredith seems to do, but it was also great to see two people with their own issues work through and find each other. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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