Uncaged Feature Author – Sherry Ewing


Thank you for having me today. The idea of my Knights of the Anarchy series was sitting inside my head for years before I finally took the time to get the first story onto my computer. Knight of Darkness features the first of three brothers, Wymar Norwood, who is determined to see Empress Matilda placed on England’s throne. He hopes that in return for his service to the Empress, that she will restore his lands and title that was taken from him during a siege by King Stephen. My heroine, Lady Ceridwen Ward of Norwich, has her own plans to prove herself worthy to defend her own lands and the Empress. She’ll plunge herself and the guardsmen who followed her from Norwich into the Battle of Lincoln where she’ll meet Wymar.

I have two books I am currently working on. The first is Knight of Havoc, Book Three in The Knights of the Anarchy series. It continues the story with the youngest brother, Reynard, while he continues his quest to see Empress Matilda on England’s throne. The second is another story for Dragonblade Publishing in their Lyon’s Den Connected World. I’m really enjoying writing in this world with secondary characters I had from some of my other Regency era stories.

The most difficult scene for me to write is usually the opening paragraph of any book. Any author wants to grab the reader’s attention with that very first line and sometimes it takes me several tries before something finally clicks. After that, I let my characters drive the story. The easiest scene for me usually happens with my time travels. There’s something about having my modern-day women travel back in time to my Knights of Berwyck. They each have their own individual way they slip back and find themselves in a difficult position of fitting into a medieval world.

When I first starting writing my very first manuscript back in 2008, I asked my daughter for names of characters. Over the years, she’s become the Queen of Names and I go to her often for her input. It’s been a thing between us ever since and I like to think gives her some buy in for my stories.

I do read my reviews. I feel that if a reader has taken the time to write a review on one of my books, the least I can do is read what they thought about it. I take into account that I can’t please everyone but even a bad review will usually have something I can take away from it and possibly improve my next book. I appreciate my readers and am thankful when they reach out to me to tell me how much they enjoy my writing. Their praise is what drives me to write another page!

Knight of Darkness
Sherry Ewing
Historical Romance

Sometimes finding love can become our biggest weakness…

Wymar Norwood understands responsibility. His two brothers have been in his care since his parent’s death. With his title and lands stripped from him by the usurper Stephen, he aligns himself with the Empress Matilda, the rightful Queen of England. If he can win her favor and become her champion knight, he prays all will be returned to him.

Lady Ceridwen Ward of Norwich is out to prove not only to herself but the Empress that she is more than capable of protecting those she loves. She hides herself in the guise of a knight and follows along with her men to Lincoln to raise her sword for the Empress’s cause. But life can become complicated, especially after your identity is revealed.

But Wymar and Ceridwen have a common enemy who is bent on revenge. They will need to search their souls and overcome grief in order for their love to survive life’s greatest test.