Marquess of Malice
Tammy Andresen
Historical Regency

He’s known as the Marquess of Malice…can one little lady warm his dark heart?

Malice, as his friends and fellow gaming hell owners call him, doesn’t have room in his life for love. He’ll take a quiet bride, make an heir, and ship her off to the country. He’s picked the perfect little mouse for the job. The problem? When Malice asks her to marry him, Lady Cordelia refuses. Has she no sense? Any debutante would be happy to catch a marquess. But then again, he’s broken inside. Perhaps Cordelia is the most sensible woman of them all…

Lady Cordelia Chase has no intention of marrying the oafish, overbearing marquess. Lord Malicorn is rude, surly, and entirely unsuitable. Never mind that he’s the only man to ask. Quiet and shy, she’s been overlooked most of her life. When she marries, it will be for love and not just as a breeding cow. The only problem is that when Lord Malicorn isn’t talking, well, he’s rather strong and terribly handsome. And when he holds her in his arms, she could almost swear her heart skips a beat. If this isn’t love…what the devil is it?

Uncaged Review: A great addition to the series, this one brings us Chad and Cordelia, and Cordelia has always been in the shadows of her beautiful sisters, believing them to be more beautiful as she wears spectacles. Malice (Chad) has been the one assigned to watch over her to make sure she doesn’t tell on their ownership of the gaming hell. But Malice has difficulty getting through his past.

I really enjoyed this couple, and was rooting for them the whole way. I liked this one as much as the first book in the series, but it felt a bit rushed in places. The twist near the end is a bit confusing because of the book before, but I won’t give away any spoilers. This series is very easy to follow along with and I think the author has a great cast of characters to choose from. It was fun to watch Chad fall in love with Cordelia despite himself thinking he could never love anyone, and the epilogue was a nice wrap up. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars