A.J. Messenger
Fantasy/Young Adult

Eighteen-year-old Declan Jane is just trying to make it through senior year in San Mar, the Northern California coastal town she’s lived in all her life. Perpetually under the radar, she’s surprised by the pull she feels to a mysterious and attractive new student, Alexander Ronin. Despite all the girls vying for his attention, Declan is the one he’s drawn to, and she finds herself returning his interest. As the intensity of their attraction builds and she discovers the truth behind his appearance in San Mar, he reveals the danger she’s in and why their relationship holds deadly consequences. But as Declan overcomes her fears and fights for her life, the connection between the two lovers may be the only thing that can save them both.

Uncaged Review: This book reminded me a lot of Twilight, or maybe the better things about that book. A girl who feels she doesn’t fit in, falling for the new guy in school who tells her it’s dangerous to be involved with him, but they can’t stay away from each other. Sound familiar? But the story is well written and engrossing – and it’s worth a look. If you enjoyed Twilight and books like it, you will definitely like this one. You won’t find vampires in this one, instead you’ll find angels and the author’s almost original take on that mythology. Three of four of this series is out now, and the final promised soon. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars