A Queen to Come
Frances Ellen
YA Fantasy

The five Asters, brothers and sisters in magic, battle an unknown Dark King to ensure their new Queen ascends to the throne, in this debut YA fantasy prequel series. Together with Affinites, who have no magic but unique affinities for specific skills, the Asters have been protecting humans from the Dark Kings’ reigns of terror for generations; even since their first and, until now, only Queen bestowed six Affinites each with one of her own magic powers 500 years ago. The one unique magic that the original Queen didn’t pass on would only return if there was a dire need of it: to bring balance back into the world. Now, 500 years later, her reincarnation predicts a threat to the peaceful existence that generations of Asters had created and protected.Up until her eighteenth birthday the new Queen was brought up as human in a secret location, with no knowledge of the crown she will be expected to wear or the rare magic she possesses. She will join the Asters, and she will become the most powerful creature to ever live. But a Dark King knows of her upcoming accession, and will do whatever it takes to stop it. He starts abducting Affinites in the hopes that one of them might know the Queen’s secret location. He wants to steal her magic before she learns how to use it against him. It is up to the five Asters to make sure that he doesn’t.SKY can fly and shimmer to anywhere in the world.NATHAN can control the nature around him.SOPHIE can heal the worst of injuries.MATU can break through the most solid of walls.LIAN can shut out any feeling of pain until his dying breath.It is the greatest challenge of their lives. And up against a King they know nothing about, time is not on their side.

Uncaged Review: This is the first book in a trilogy of what the author is calling, “prequel novellas.” It is the length of a longer novella, but I’m not sure what the prequel part is, unless there is a full-fledged series coming in after these prequels are completed. Time will tell.

In this book, the Asters are the magic keepers and warriors. Each warrior has a special magic and skill set. The Asters protect the human population from the Dark Kings of the Underworld. The Asters haven’t had a Queen in 500 years – but she’s been reborn and scheduled to return to the hidden and protected lands where the Asters are.

Some of this is a bit hard to explain, but the author does a pretty good job with it so the reader is in the loop the whole time. There is plenty of action and the fight sequences are pretty good. I’d like to see more world building, as you only get a taste of it here. The ending was a trip, but I won’t give anything away. This is a good start but I would also make sure it’s cautioned against very young teens as the fight scenes can be quite graphic.
Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars