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Uncaged Review – Undead Men Tell No Tales by Corrine O’Flynn

Undead Men Tell No Tales
Corrine O’Flynn
Historical Fantasy

Even the craftiest pirate can’t outrun the curse of the sea witch.

Known on the high seas as the Fog Queen, Morianna Swift never imagined her life as a pirate. But after her father and brother’s deaths, she has no choice; she’ll be damned if she’ll stand by and watch as the family fortune is taken by the murderous thieves at the East India Company. While fleeing her previous life as a high-born lady, Morianna is cursed with a powerful hex that imprisons her forever upon the waves.

Unable to master the magic to free herself, Morianna seeks the one being powerful enough to remedy her curse. Everyone knows that a deal with the sea witch seals your fate as sure as succumbing to the siren’s song, but Morianna rolls the bones anyway and puts her fate in the hands of the sorceress. Locked in an unbreakable promise that threatens not only her soul, but the souls of those she loves, Morianna refuses to accept that there’s no way out.

All of this while the East India Company continues their quest to dominate the ports, the city, and the sea—at all costs. Caught in the current of two opposing forces, Morianna finds herself in the middle of a maelstrom that threatens to destroy everything she’s fought so hard to protect.

She’s never relied on fair winds or following seas; the Fog Queen makes her own luck.

Uncaged Review: I’ve always been a huge fan of pirates and books on the seas, and when you combine that with my first love of fantasy, then it of course grabs my attention. This book did that, and more. Morianna’s husband, brother and father were all killed on the seas and the family’s company being stolen by the East India Company, who sells goods at prices few can afford. Morianna takes over, raiding the ships and selling the goods at reasonable costs. When a witch puts a hex on Morianna, she’ll need to bargain with the powerful Sea Witch to get rid of the hex, but bargaining with her is dangerous…

This book has a lot going for it. Plenty of action and the world building is original and fast paced. A few twists and a group of characters that I look forward to getting to know more. The book did not end on a hard cliffhanger, the overall arc is still ongoing, but the last part of the book actually surprised me, which is not that easy to do. Looking forward to the next book in the series. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars


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