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Uncaged Review- Cinderella by Melissa Frost

Melissa Frost
YA Fairy Tales

Cinderella (or Ella to those who know her best) is on a mission to earn back the trust of her family and friends after nearly getting Jake killed by way of an angry, territorial unicorn. But proving she’s changed for the better may be an uphill battle.
As she strives for redemption, the group works to rid their dimension of a dragon and the cultists who brought it there. They also find themselves closer to discovering a way to close the portal linking the two worlds for good.

As the finale of their adventure grows closer and closer to completion, Ella finds herself questioning everything—including her romantic relationship with the prince of Esteria. Can she make up her mind about what her heart desires before it’s too late? Does she love the prince? Or is she secretly falling for his top royal guard? And better yet, what will she do when the portal closes and both of them leave forever?

Uncaged Review: A fun quick read set with a retelling
of Cinderella. Even though this book is book
fourth in the series, I found it easy to get to grips with
the storyline and characters. There was a few laugh
out loud moments. Some battles with the unexpected
enemy. Even some other worldly portal business. I
would definitely recommend this book and would
read more in the series. Reviewed by Jen

4 Stars


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