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Uncaged Review: Moments Like This by Anna Gomez & Kristoffer Polaha

Moments Like This
Anna Gomez & Kristoffer Polaha
Sweet Contemporary Romance

Book One in the From Kona with Love series depicting multicultural romance, love, loss, and redemption woven into a family saga set in the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Though connected, each installment can be read as a standalone.

After Andrea “Andie” Matthews chooses her career over a marriage proposal and then loses a promotion she worked so hard for, she jumps at the chance to take a break and help run a friend’s coffee shop.

Alone in Hawaii, Andie befriends the staff and quickly grows to care for them, making her determined to revive the company.

As luck would have it, she meets the mysterious Warren Yates on Christmas Eve. They share a cup of coffee, some conversation, and even a moment, which leads to many more in the coming weeks.

But when Andie learns who Warren really is—and what he actually wants—she is torn between her feelings and his deception.

Will Warren be able to win her heart back?

Uncaged Review: This is the first novel in a
series, and told in a way that makes me want to escape
to Hawaii. The authors do a great job describing
this island paradise to the point where you feel
like you are there with them. The characters are
well flushed out and likeable, and the romance is
sweet and irresistible.

Andie makes her way to her best friend’s coffee
shop in Hawaii to run it while her friend takes a
trip to be with her fiancé in France. Marketing is
Andie’s specialty, so she puts her heart and soul
into helping the coffee shop turn a profit. Along
the way, she meets a man named Warren, who she
slowly gets to know on weekly fun outings and
you watch the love develop. Unfortunately, there
is always something thrown in the way of love
stories, and this one is no different. But it ends on
a great happily ever after and a satisfying end. I’m
glad I read the book now, and am looking forward
to the movie that this is going to be turned into in
the near future. I’m hoping Mr. Polaha will have a
starring role. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars


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