Hell of a Lady Pre-Launch Giveaway!

Hell of a Lady Pre-Launch Giveaway! I wanted to send this out to all of Uncaged's readers - several past Feature Authors and a couple Future Feature Authors are giving away a mix of free...

Uncaged Book Reviews – Issue 27, October 2018 Now Available

Our special horror issue is now LIVE. Featuring authors:  Ben Archer, Kevin J. Kennedy, Rayanne Haines, S.K. Ryder, Daniel Greene, Anthony J. Melchiorri, Christian Galacar, Eric Kapitan, Iuliana Foos & Juli Valenti Short Stories, reviews and...

Hell’s Belle by Annabelle Anders – New Release Special Price

A future feature author here at Uncaged has a new release, Hell's Belle and is at a special release price of .99 for a limited time! Make sure to grab it now! Buy it on...

FREE Read – Sept. 6-9 ONLY

A Future Feature author - has a free read available from September 6-9 only, so don't miss out! Download on Amazon now!   Don't miss out - grab this one while you can

Uncaged Book Reviews – September 2018 Now Available

Uncaged Book Reviews - September 2018 Now Available HERE Featuring: Tammy Andresen, Charlotte Penn Clark, Kate Rigby, Addison Brae, JB Woods, Katerina Ross & J. Nichole Parkins. Raven Award Winners Announced

Happy Mother’s Day from Uncaged

              "A mother's arms are more comforting than anyone else's." ~Princess Diana Uncaged wishes all the mothers a very Happy Mother's Day.

Coming Soon…Win a 8G Flashdrive from Uncaged – Compliments of USBMemoryDirect.com

Coming soon... Recently I was contacted by a representative from USBMemoryDirect.com about a partnership. I had been considering what I could give out as prizes from Uncaged in the coming months, so I decided to...

Author Interview – S.J. Francis

As seen in the January issue of Uncaged Book Reviews. Uncaged: First of all, I want to thank you for your service. You are a veteran, but you also have quite a varied background and...

Uncaged Review – Sixth Prime by Dan O’Brien

Sixth Prime Dan O’Brien SciFi/Dystopian Conflict grips the galaxy. A tense peace treaty has been signed between the Sovereignty and the Commonwealth.  On the other side of the galaxy an eccentric artist, Ale Euclid, on the cusp of...

Uncaged Book Reviews – January 2018 Issue 18 Now Available

Featuring authors: Regan Walker, Emma Prince, Maria Riegger, Margo Ryerkerk, Rena Marin, Stephen Bentley and S.J. Francis. Special Guest - The Photography of Paul Henry Serres Click the magazine to read!