This is two stories in one and both are reviewed separately.

Brian O’Gorman
2 Horror Stories in One

Its in the Water
Barrington Reservoir sits on the edge of the tiny village of Hurndell. The local police officers Greg Farnham and Louis Nelson have never seen much in the way of trouble. But one day they are called up to the reservoir to investigate the mysterious killing of the waters duck population. As the days go by the killings get bigger and more gruesome and the officers begin to fear that whatever is killing the animals may start on humans. They learn that there is a witness, someone who saw it arrive, a psychic by the name of June Dobson who has been languishing in the local residents home suffering with dementia. But for June, the clouds in her mind are clearing and something in the water is reaching out to her. June may be the last thing to stand between the residents of the village and the insatiable hunger of the thing in the water.

Uncaged Review:  You need water to survive right? What happens if there was something in the water that could harm you. Permanently damage you or worse kill you. You couldn’t survive without water. In a small town were nothing much happens some evil is lurking down below. A batty old women and two local cops are trying to piece together what’s happing to the town. There’s a shed load of gruesome moments and you find yourself going eww gross a lot.

I would say this short story would make a good TV show or movie plus it’s got bucket loads of dark humor.

I look forward to being able to drink water safely without panic. Reviewed by Jennifer

4 Stars

Patrick Hurst is a normal man with a normal, happy life until a visit from the police changes things forever. His estranged father has been found dead in his home in the remote location of Layton Valley. Patrick inherits his fortune and the house where his father was found. He finds his father’s video diary which tells the story of his new invention, the Pharmacon, a healing machine that can cure any and all illnesses. But the machine, like any medicine, has a terrible side effect, one that is now butchering the residents of Newtown. The killer is working his way to Patrick and the machine which will bring him his redemption. For Patrick, time is running out. He vows to expose the secret of his father’s death and unmask the killer. All he has to do is wait. Evil is coming home….

Uncaged Review:  Richard Hurst was a scientist who was employed by the government. To work on a project called project pharmacon. A project that would save lives and change the life of modern medicine for the better. Richard is brutality murdered and he left all his life’s work and money to his son Patrick, to do with as he wishes. Patrick thinks he’s found his happy place until a crazed killer called the mask is looking for him. He wants from Patrick what he thinks is rightfully his. Patrick goes on the run with his new girlfriend while this killer called the mask, is running around killing people as the voices talk in his head.

The storyline is very good and the book has a few twists I didn’t see coming myself as I was reading it. Of course there’s a lot of gruesome deaths in the book as while.

One heck of a book! Reviewed by Jennifer

4 Stars