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Uncaged Review – When the Vow Breaks by Michelle Libby

When the Vow Breaks
Michelle Libby

Romantic Suspense

Good cop or bad cop? Colin Rourke takes protecting and serving seriously. When he is notified that he’s being sued for millions in the death of a known drug dealer, he is confident he will be cleared. 

His new wife, Regan Rourke, craves security and stability after spending her teen years in the foster care system. She is blindsided by the knowledge that everything they’ve worked for could be taken away. 

Drastic action must be taken. 

A quickie divorce to strip Colin of all he owns is the only option. Can Regan help clear her husband’s name so they can be reunited, or will Colin’s career and their marriage vanish? 

Uncaged Review: Regan and Colin are engaging characters. It opens with Colin, a police officer, being accused of murdering a petty criminal, Rodrigo Ramirez, by throwing him off a bridge with a video as the evidence. There wasn’t enough to charge him for murder, so the family brought a civil suit against him for their beloved’s death.

Ragan, who is married to Colin and is madly in love with him, grew up in foster homes with nothing to her name. She doesn’t want to lose everything they worked for if the lawsuit goes against them. Her solution is for them to get a divorce prior to the trial so she can hold all their assets in safety until Colin is cleared.
What happens is that everything falls apart. They are jealous of the people they go out with to make the divorce look real which creates problems between them and Colin’s best friend, Jack. Even though they have difficulty staying away from each other, they manage to keep their attraction and love hidden until the party where Regan shows up with Jack and Colin with a new blond bimbo recruit. Colin decks Jack and they all leave in disgrace.

There is a person who is following Regan and he is scaring her. This is after a note was slid under the door to her house. She lets Colin know about the stalker and the note after her adopted brother Brian hires a private security man named Dirk to watch over her.
Things become more of a muddle when Regan discovers Brian is the attorney for the Ramirez family who is suing Colin. She makes the mistake of telling Brian about Colin’s use of excessive force over the six years while an officer. He uses that against Colin in the trial which angers Regan.

Things get more complicated, but I’ll let you read the book to the reasonably predicable ending. It was a good read with interesting characters. For a romantic suspense, it was a fun read and worth the time if you are wanting to be entertained without a lot of thinking involved.

I would give it four stars. The story was well written, predictable but fun. Reviewed by Barbara

4 Stars


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