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Uncaged Review: The Targeted Pawn by Sally Brandle

The Targeted Pawn
Sally Brandle
Romantic Suspense

Threats forced her to flee Seattle. Honor binds him to Montana. A second chance at love tethers them together.

Elon Hardy’s romance skills are rusty after a loveless marriage ends, but upon meeting hunky rancher, Rane Calderon, sparks blaze hotter than her welding torch. To support her collegiate sons, she’s determined to acquiesce to the bullheaded, female-phobic boss until her divorce finalizes from her deceitful husband.

A woman Rane trusted ruined his life, and at forty, he won’t be fooled again. Blisteringly mad he’s hired a female bearing a man’s name, he fights attraction for the curvy, determined brunette while thwarting efforts to build a private prison atop his Blackfeet ancestors’ burial ground.

Can Elon and Rane realize love doesn’t have a “best used before date”? If you enjoy smoldering romance, mercenary villains, and rescued animals, you’ll love escaping again to Emma Springs, Montana.

Uncaged Review: This is the third book in the Love Thrives in Emma Springs series, and this is my favorite so far. One thing in common with these books, is that I feel like I’ve been to Montana myself (I have not) because of the beautiful way this author describes the area. In this book, Elon is a divorced woman with an evil ex-husband and kids in college. To keep paying for those hefty college tuitions, she takes a job in Emma Springs as a welder. But when the sparks fly when she meets her boss – Rane, (and not from the welding), they will each have baggage to get through to find their way to each other.

This is a great suspense, full of Blackfoot history, a clean romance and villians you will truly despise. Toss in some rescue animals and I’m all in. This is a series I plan to reread back-to-back when I get some free reading time. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars


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