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Uncaged Review: Her Virtuous Viscount by Scarlett Scott

Her Virtuous Viscount
Scarlett Scott
Scottish Historica

Jilted by the woman he loved, Tom, Viscount Sidmouth, has decided he will happily remain a bachelor for the rest of his life. He wants nothing to do with affairs of the heart. And he most certainly wants nothing to do with the wild widow next door.

After spending years trapped in a loveless marriage, Hyacinth has returned to London on a mission to experience everything she missed. Balls, parties, flirtations, and assignations—she wants it all. She isn’t about to allow her disapproving neighbor to spoil her fun. She’s living her life one raucous celebration at a time.

Until she inadvertently winds up in the viscount’s garden late one night and he kisses her senseless. There’s something about the handsome, forbidding lord that makes her want to abandon her rules.

And Tom? He’s beginning to think that perhaps the only way to forget about his broken heart is to lose himself in a fling. Why not with the wicked woman who drives him to distraction? It’s not as if he is going to fall in love…

Uncaged Review: This author is fast becoming one of my favorite historical romance authors. All of her books that I’ve read of hers to this point are original, fun and I easily get completely absorbed in the book. This story is one of second chances, and the healing of broken hearts. Tom has always tried to do right by his family and ends up being left by a woman he believed he loved. No more marriage for him.

Hyacinth, now a widow after spending many years in a loveless marriage is not keen to move onto another man. Instead she wants to have the fun she never had a chance to do.

Watching the two of these people heal each other and find their way to love is completely inspiring and engrossing. And now, this is one of my favorite books by this author. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars


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