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Uncaged Review: The Mocking Man by Leslie Georgeson

The Mocking Man
Leslie Georgeson
Romantic Suspense


Not a word I would have associated with myself fifteen years ago. Back then I was innocent and carefree, a teenage boy with big dreams.

Then my best friend Rafe was kidnapped, and my world fell apart. I foolishly thought I could save him.

I was wrong.

Now my entire life is a web of deceit. My every breath tainted by lies. I don’t like what I’ve become. But it’s essential for my very survival.

My job now is to stay in the shadows and keep Rafe’s sister Isabella safe. She can’t even know I’m here.

Then danger lurks closer. Somehow, I must protect her while keeping my secret.

But I get so caught up in my own twisted game that I eventually make a terrible mistake.

Now she’s a part of the pact. And I can’t let her go.

But what kind of life can I give her if I can never be anything more than the mocking man?

Uncaged Review: For a romantic suspense, this
is a good one and even though most suspense/
thriller/crime novels include some of the same
formulas, this one mixes it up a bit. Alex and
Rafe are best friends, and when Rafe gets kidnapped
by a drug cartel, Alex will do his best to
try and save him and protect his sister, Isabella.
There are a lot of twists and turns to this book,
and the book kept me interested, but I wasn’t
overly attached to the book once I set it down.

Some books will have me carrying them around
and reading every chance I get, and this one did
not do that, but I do think it’s a well written plot
with suspense, friendship and loyalty, romance,
lies, deceit and a bit of steam. Reviewed by

4 Stars


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