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Uncaged Review – Forced to Love by A.M. Costello

Forced to Love
A.M. Costello
Fantasy Romance

Destined to reign since infancy, the revelation of an ancient law forces Princess Quigalla to make a choice: marry before coronation or hand over her title to a neighboring kingdom. 

Faced with the prospect of a war with her uncle, who wants the crown for his son, she plans a secret mission. 

Will her need for independence be her downfall, or will the arrogant Sir Felix Quon be able to save her from danger?

Uncaged Review: Princess Quigalla, the daughter of Queen Quenessa, is the heir to the throne of Qualla. In the first chapter, King Ronan, Quigalla’s father is ruling the country. The princess is out practicing her archery when a badger threatens Pauline, one of the young servants of the castle. To save Pauline, Quigalla ends up getting bit on her leg, necessitating a trip to the healer, delaying the start of the council meeting she was to attend.
The country of Vulster is ruled by her mother’s brother, Venus. His son Vaylor is the heir apparent. The backstory is that Venus wanted to rule Quigalla but the rules said the female was to rule the country. He moves away and makes his own kingdom which he rules with fear and terror. He is planning on invading Qualla, still wanting the throne there.
Once everyone but Quigalla agree to discover it the Lord of Vulster is planning to attack before doing something about the, King Ronan brings up what he calls a delicate subject. Quigalla must marry before her coronation or a distant male relation will be chosen for the throne. Her coronation is in two months on her eighteenth birthday.
Of course, Quigalla, who doesn’t believe she needs anyone to help her, denies she is going to marry until Breasal, a counsil member says it’s the law and she must marry. She appeals to her father who says he isn’t going to change the law. As she listens to them saying she needs to marry in two months, Quigalla becomes angry and tunes them out while thinking nasty thoughts of all the council members.
Because her father is set on her marrying, Quigalla decides to defeat the kingdom’s enemy, Vulster and Lord Venus. She would go to Queen Andrea, her grandmother, and enter Vulster from there.
The next morning, her hall if filled with those wanting to marry her. She escapes by the window of her room. She falls when her injured right leg spasms, falling into the arms of a man who is concerned but yet amused at catching her. Enter Sir Felix Quon who is there to help her find a bow suited to her.
This sets the stage for the rest of the book. Felix is assigned as her guard as she goes to her grandmother’s castle and then into Vulster. As one disaster after another happens, she discovers her cousin, Vaylor, is on her side and willing to help her.
I’ll not give away any more of the story, but the story is how Quigalla learns that no person is an island and everyone needs help. It was a fun tale to read and one I recommend as long as you can keep all the Qu’s and V’s separate.
I give it 4 stars. Reviewed by Barbara

4 Stars


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