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Uncaged Review – Instant Enticement by Samanthya Wyatt

Instant Enticement
Samanthya Wyatt
Contemporary Romance

A naked woman in his shower . . . 

Craig can’t believe his eyes. A practical joke on his friend turns out to be a naked beauty standing before him in all her fine glory. He is too shocked for words. A man who has had his share of women suddenly finds himself speechless before this exotic creature. She is an aching temptation. Surrendering to his passion could cost him his best friend. Yet, he yearns to taste, to touch . . . but she is hands off.

Kelly has given up on men. All men are liars, except for her best friend. The only man she would ever trust. At least that’s what she thought . . . until she meets his best friend, Craig. He turns her world upside down and has her rethinking her vow. She yearns to taste the ecstasy his dark eyes promise. But he holds back. And now she must convince him she is innocent of betrayal.

Uncaged Review: This is a Contemporary Romance book filled with emotion and lots of passion. Kelly runs to her best friend after she finds out the shocking truth about the man she has been seeing. This was a enjoyable read with lots of twists and turns. Reviewed by Jennifer

4 Stars


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