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Uncaged Review – A Total Mismatch by Madelaine Grant

A Total Mismatch
Madelaine Grant
Contemporary Romance

Fate brings polar opposites Samantha (Sam) Peabody and Jordan Hart together. Free spirit Sam is an artist, occasional belly dancer, and sloppy housekeeper while Jordan is a lawyer, fitness and neatness freak, and lover of ice cream. 

The one thing they have in common is their dislike of big, fussy weddings.

After a fight with her oldest sister, Andrea, Sam decides not to attend Andrea’s lavish wedding. When Jordan is invited to a wedding, he asks Sam to accompany him, not knowing it’s Sam’s sister’s affair. Complicating Sam’s busy life is an offer from a local craft beer company to belly dance for a TV ad and become the symbol of their new beer company. 

Sam’s disastrous first marriage and the difficult dynamics in her family make her insecure about a new relationship. Besides, she hates the idea of marriage. Can Jordan’s persistence win Sam over and dissolve her fears? 

Uncaged Review: A fun romance book featuring Sam a shy insecure girl who does not know her right from left. But hides a hidden talent that will become public very soon. Just not for the right reasons. I thought Sam’s character was quirky and adorable. This was such a fun book to read.
Reviewed by Jennifer

4 Stars


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