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Uncaged Review – Junkyard Druid by M.D. Massey

Junkyard Druid
M.D. Massey
Urban Fantasy

Every druid knows…

Dealing with the Fae is a death sentence.

So why risk your life helping an evil Faery Queen?

A year ago Colin swore off druidry, and for good reason.

These days he hides himself behind six acres of scrap iron, steel, and magic wards, where the fae can’t bother him.

But when a Faery Queen with god-like magical powers calls, you don’t send her to voicemail.

Now Colin has no choice but to find out why evil incarnate has requested his presence.

One thing’s for sure…

If he gets dragged back into the supernatural world, there’s gonna be hell to pay for it.

You’ll love this urban fantasy with a twist of suspense, because everybody loves a down on his luck magician who has to fight to save the people he loves.

Uncaged Review: Colin McCool is trying to live his life and go to college. His years as a Hunter did not end well, with his partner dying, by his own hand. Colin was cursed by an evil witch who is trying to get back on everyone in his bloodline. This is a well written story, although I didn’t get a good handle on Colin as I’d like with his powers and his angst was a little over the top at times but I enjoyed his snarky attitude even though he seemed too young at times. But I enjoyed the story well enough to keep reading the series, and I liked the 2nd half of the book as it really picked up from there. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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