Uncaged Review – Threads of Fate by M.C. Waring


Threads of Fate
M.C. Waring
YA Paranormal

She wields the power to change fate. And it absolutely terrifies her.

When her sister is abducted by supernatural forces, Upstate New York high schooler Tasia is thrust into an ongoing shadow war between vampires and reapers, and awakens an incredible magical power within herself.

Too bad she’s too afraid to use it. The excruciating side effects don’t help things, either.

To find her sister, Tasia will need to team up with Ace–a handsome and mysterious vampire who steals her breath away (but hopefully not her blood). They’ll have to battle ghosts, vampires, reapers, and even werewolves as they navigate through two hostile worlds at war.

4 Stars