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Uncaged Review: Shadow Hunted by Walt and Hamilton

Shadow Hunted
Jasmine Walt & Rebecca Hamilton
Urban Fantasy

Once a whip-smart detective and a powerful Shadow, Brooke Chandler has been stripped of both memories and identity. She now spends her days scrubbing floors, reduced to nothing more than a servant girl.

But even with no memory of her previous life or how she ended up a slave, Brooke won’t remain trapped for long—not with friends and enemies alike vying to find her.

Her escape attempt lands her in the deadly, beautiful land of Faerie, where nothing is as it seems—possibly including her father, The Winter King. Here, she rediscovers her past life, full of allies and foes all waiting for her return.

Faced with the opportunity to flee, Brooke must decide which fate terrifies her more: staying where her enemies wants her dead, or returning to confront the ones who want her jailed for murder.

Uncaged Review: This is the third book in this series, and it’s just getting better. I finished it quickly, but not because it was a short book, more because I was so wrapped up in it, I didn’t even realize it until it was almost over. In this book, it picks up where we left off in book two, Shadow Marked. Brooke has been taken by the Morrigan, and put into slavery without her memories. When she finally escapes and gets to Faerie, she is finally brought to her father, the Winter King. Brooke must regain her powers and her memories to fight the injustice in the Earth realm, and to keep the lands of Faerie safe against a dangerous Coven.

A lot of danger, a lot of great action, and Brooke will need her friends and foes(?) – a.k.a. Maddock, to prove her innocence to the Salem PD. The writing is spot on as always and if you are an urban fantasy lover, this is a great series, but start at the beginning – they don’t do well as standalones. Maddock and Brooke are an excellent team, and even though romance brews just below the surface for these two, it is kept on a back burner…for now. Reviewed by Cyrene


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