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Uncaged Review: Christmas Nightmares Anthology

Christmas Nightmares Anthology

~ Sacrifice Season ~
Notorious serial killers, the Spawraths, are in prison, yet a killing has happened at the Spawrath home and this time it is their youngest daughter who is the victim.
When the shreds of the truth surface, Hannah, Matthew, and Ethan all realize their parts in an old religion with old practices.

Uncaged Review: A set of Christmas tales that all feature around Christmas time, but I think can be read at any time. If you are a horror fan like me or just love spooky tales, there are some Christmas crackers in this book.

The ghost of Christmas past left me in goosebumps after reading it. It’s about a real estate agent who is selling a beautiful old Victorian house which holds a lot of secrets and where a cheating husband gets his just desserts.

There is also such things in this book as Christmas baubles that holds people’s souls and deadly cult Christmas Carol singers, which will make you run when you hear them sing. A must read at any time for fans of Christmas or horror or even enjoy both.
Reviewed by Jennifer.

5 Stars


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