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Uncaged Review: Natasha’s Dream by Heather Greenis

Natasha’s Dream
Heather Greenis
Women’s Literature

Walking the ocean front near their property, Keeghan and Will find a bottle containing a portrait of a royal family dated in the 19th century. This inspires an ongoing dream. Princess Natasha grew up knowing her parents wanted another boy, not a daughter. Raised in a sheltered environment, her only friends were her brothers and Nanny. An innocent swim brings a chance encounter, where she discovers a different life exists beyond the walls of the castle. Underprivileged children become her salvation and she dreams of a better life, a normal life. Conflicted, Natasha must risking hurting her family to help them. Told the story is important to her, Keeghan is determined to learn why it dominates her subconscious.

Uncaged Review: We meet Keeghan and Will who have bought a property near the sea. After walking their dog they come across an object bobbing in the sea. A bottle with a rather interesting object inside. After examining the bottle at home, they find that inside is a picture of a royal family. Thinking nothing of it at the time she continues with her day. Feeling sleepy she goes for a nap where she meets a strange man in her dream, who tells her the story of a young gentleman and a royal girl. We get swept up with this story of Stewart and Natasha and panic to find out what happens next. The ending of the book is a surprise.

I loved this book it was an interesting storyline and I adored the relationship between Stewart and Natasha. I can’t wait to see what happens next.
Reviewed by Jennifer


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