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Uncaged Review – Prairie Heat by Tessa Layne

Prairie Heat
Tessa Layne
Contemporary Western Romance

He Shouldn’t Want Her…
Blake Sinclaire knows he shouldn’t want Maddie Hansen – she’s the daughter of his family’s enemy, and not to be trusted. It doesn’t matter she’s got a mind that won’t quit, curves for days, and a sassy sweet mouth that drives Blake to distraction. Her father stole his family’s land, and Blake will do anything – anything to get it back. 

But one scorching kiss changes everything…
Super-scientist Maddie Hansen vowed never to return to Prairie and the feud that’s hounded her family for generations. When she discovers the sexy cowboy who saved her father’s life is none other than Blake Sinclaire, she’s forced to reconsider everything she thought about her family’s enemy- especially when his kisses keep her awake at night. But Maddie’s determined to hold Blake at bay, because everyone knows cowboys have nothing in common with scientists. Except when it comes to matters of the heart.

Blake’s plan to reclaim his land goes haywire when white-hot kisses turn into something more, but dark secrets stand between Blake and a shot at love. When they come to light, will he lose everything he holds dear, including Maddie? 

Uncaged Review: The Sinclaire’s and the Hansen’s. Two families that have been at odds with each other for so many years, that you instantly think of the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s. I went into this book, thinking about all the other western romances I’ve read, but this book really surprised me. The twists and turns this book takes is riveting, and the author doesn’t leave you hanging in the end, it’s wrapped up nicely in an epilogue. The secondary characters are as interesting as the main in this book, and it will be great to see them get their own space in more of this series. Well worth picking up. Just be warned, there is some heat to the book and some language. It didn’t bother me personally and it didn’t affect my rating or pull me out of the story at all, but others may not be OK with it. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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