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Uncaged Review: More Faces, Crime Short Stories from Belfast by Simon Maltman

More Faces
Simon Maltman
Crime Shorts

More Faces is a crime short story collection from A Chaser on the Rocks author Simon Maltman. The twelve mystery noirs included feature published and previously unpublished stories and all series shorts currently available. Take a journey across Northern Ireland, through the beauty and darkness, with the fresh new voice in Irish Crime Fiction.

Uncaged Review: This is a collection of different stories some set in the 1940s with P.I. Billy Chapman. Other’s set in normal times featuring Brian Caskey and two previously never published until today. The collection all set in the streets of Belfast.

I have two favorites in this book. One features P.I. Billy Chapman and his efforts to investigate a missing girl at a university. He finds out some rather shocking news about one of the girls professor, who is hiding a big secret. This one was a complex read.
The other involves a man called Russell who is hiding abroad. As he is being accused of killing his stepfather by the police. They think he’s hiring someone to give the police a story about him, But they couldn’t be more wrong.

I like this author’s style of writing as it’s gritty and dark. He doesn’t hold back in the killing or violence in his stories. Well worth a read. Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars


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