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Uncaged Review: Whispers, Vol. 1-3 by Stuart Keane

Whispers, Vol 1-3
Stuart Keane
Horror Shorts

In this collection of horrific tales, we meet: a scorned wife with bloody vengeance on her mind; an expecting but unwilling mother whose foetus has other ideas; Tommy and his closet, which holds a dark secret; a couple who fall in love on Halloween…or do they?; a psychopath whose evening is interrupted by the end of the world; a paraplegic on a deadly train ride to nowhere, and a mutilated clown with a violent score to settle.


Uncaged Review: A collection of gruesome tales not for the easily offended. As these tales are quite dramatic and dark. I wouldn’t recommend eating or drinking anything while reading these books. You have been warned now on too some of my favorite stories from these three books. Volume (1) – A young boy who is getting buliled at school believes there something dark and evil hiding in his closet only to be met with a strange man who takes him on a trip to hell where he can get revenge on anyone who has ever hurt or wronged him. A rather clever way to get your own back on school bullies. Volume (2) -Two boys on a fun night out of weed and booze go for a drive where they end up parked where a young girl was brutally murdered and sexually assaulted. The twist in the tale is that one of the boys is related to the girl and is hell bent on payback. Volume (3) – A chef who loves using humans as his ingredients to cook with. So whatever you do don’t complain about the food. Or the food will be you.

These books can be read in any order but are not for the faint hearted. I really enjoyed reading Stuart’s messed up stories. Can’t wait for volume 4 out soon. Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars


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